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Crying On The Island They Own

The tension is unavoidable, and conflict is inevitable. But even in a bubble where there is nothing but tension, one would choose to stay in it if it mean’t they could stay wealthy.


Director/Choreographer: Joan Dwiartanto

Co-director/Choreographer: Cyrie Topete

Composer: Nicholas Marsella

Dancers: Holden Cole, Jada German, Cali Hollister, Matthew Johnson, Eleni Loving

Videographer: Alexander Sargent

SFX and Foley: Julian Buitrago

Production Assistant: Austin Sylva

Official Selections

Turning in Place II, March 2022

Experimental Dance & Music Film Festival, March 2022

Desassossego Short Dance Film Festival, April 2022

CineVox Dance Film Festival, May 2022

DanzaTTack, Festival Internacional de CineDanza, May 2022

World Film Carnival - Singapore, June 2022

Austin Dance Festival presents DANCE ON FILM,  July 2022

RIFF Festival Norway, July 2022

Saint-Petersburg International Film Festival, August 2022

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival, October 2022

San Francisco Dance Film Festival, November 2022

Divulge Dancers' Film Festival, January 2023


Other Film Work

Commissions and other artistic collaborations

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